In-house Training Program

Soft Skills Development Lab/ Employable Skills Development Lab

Quality Improvement Initiative to Develop Professional Attitude
The Objective is to enhance our students’ Communication Skills to suit corporate needs. It promotes self-learning, to enhance scores in tests/examinations. Also, to learn beyond the syllabus to gain and enhance practical knowledge so as to perform in Technical interviews/ HR Interviews/ Jobs/ Career Progress.

Activities related to promote self-learning among students

  • Study Skills through Flow Chart Methods
  • Technical subjects Interactions
  • Chapter-wise Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Bridge Courses
  • To arrange short-term courses for additional learning to suit the needs and changing trends in industries: Computing Skills, Math Skills, Basic English, Business English, Technical Certification Skills Online Practice
  • To use Audio-visual Aids for effective teaching-learning process available in Communication Skills Lab.
  • Team Building with faculty members for effective Implementation of placement activities
  • Regular GDs, Personality Development Programmes and Interview Skills for students.
  • Business English Training that includes various activities.
Find your place on campus through Mentoring

  • We help the sapling grow and nurture under Kalpataru.
  •  Building up Competitiveness/ Mentorship for jobs/ Higher studies

Based on your performance Mentorship is implemented through programs:

    ELITE ( 60% & above record)
      iPERFORM ( 55% to 60%)
      iCAN (below 55%)