Message from Librarian

I take absolute delight to mention that there is nothing else in the entire world that can match knowledge.

In my capacity as a librarian, I firmly stand by my above statement.  I strongly urge every one of you to make the best use of the library to gain knowledge.  The library is a temple of knowledge with the collections of thousands of books, journals, magazines and e-materials.  With the judicious use of all these materials any one can become highly knowledgeable.

As a librarian I strive in this regard to motivate as many people as possible to spend more and more time in the house of knowledge (library) and put all the facilities to the best of use.  This has been my ultimate desire always.

To be a leading library & learning Centre in Science, Technology, by delivering innovative services this echoes the diverse & dynamic sprit of KIT community 

To provide seamless access to comprehensive, quality resources in physical and digital formats in support of teaching, research & learning needs of KIT community

Excellence; Diversity & Integrity; Innovation; Collaboration; Responsiveness; Accountability