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Kalpataru Institute of Technology - Alumni

KIT Alumni Association was founded in the year 2000. The objectives of the Alumni Association are as follows:

  • Promote and foster relationship between alumni and the institute.
  • Actively and constructively participate in the well being of KIT, by utilizing the good-will, rich experience and services of the alumni.
  • Institute scholarships, prizes/medals etc., For deserving students of KIT.
  • Maintain continuous interaction between the past and present students by publishing a newsletter, holding periodical alumni day celebration.
  • Contribute towards improving entrepreneurship development activities, campus placements, library and centers of excellence at KIT.
  • Arrange lectures by eminent alumni and other eminent personalities for the benefit of students and alumni.

To maintain continuous interaction between the past and present students by holding periodical alumni day celebration, development activities, campus placements and also to arrange lectures by eminent alumni and other eminent personalities for the benefit of students and alumni at KIT.

The alumni association represents the interest of Kalpataru Institute of Technology worldwide. It connects through programs that enhance the student experience, promote student-alumni interaction, establish a spirit of loyalty to the college, and cultivate relationships between students: past, present, and future.

As a KIT alumnus, you are part of a 5,000 and growing strong community of engineers. The KIT community can be a powerful asset to help build your professional network - or it can simply be a great way to remain connected to friends, classmates, and professors who have made an impact on your life. Be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date to receive the latest on alumni news, events, volunteer opportunities, and benefits and service

The KIT Alumni Association for the academic year 2020-21 is as below.

Member Name Designation Department Mob.No Email ID
Chairman Dr. G D Gurumurthy Principal 9740016919 principal@kittiptur.ac.in
Secretary Mr. Hanumanthappa S Associate Professor ISE 9481133871 hanukit@gmail.com
Mr. Hadimani Shivakumar Associate Professor E&C 9986385883 sk_hadimani@yahoo.com
Treasurer Mr. Eshwaraiah K S Associate Professor ME 9449696780 eswaraiahks@gmail.com
Co-ordinators Mr.Lohith M S Assistant Professor E&C 9743230719 lohith.nandi@gmail.com
Mr. Anand U Hiremath Assistant Professor E&C 9964613075 anandhiremath2005@gmail.com
Mr. T S Siddalingaprasd Associate Professor ME 9844023622 Siddu48@gmail.com
Mr. Anilkumar Assistant Professor ME 9742142198 anilkonehalli@gmail.com
Mr. Harikesha Assistant Professor ME 7899829322 harikesha1@gmail.com
Mr. Jagadeesha R Assistant Professor CSE 9844632423 Jagadish.mtech@gmail.com
Mr.Raviprakash M L Assistant Professor CSE 9535511649 raviprakashml@gmail.com
Mr.Vinaykumar V N Assistant Professor ISE 9986845848 Vinays.kumaro8@gmail.com
Mrs. Shakunthala B S Assistant Professor ISE 9611654678 shakukit@gmail.com
Mr. Arunkumar T D Assistant Professor Civil 8884642257 tdarunkumar21@gmail.com
Mr. Sharath K M Assistant Professor Civil 9743733162 geo.sharu@gmail.com
Mr. Arjun J Assistant Professor MBA 9164012364 arjun.creations@gmail.com
Mr.Shamanthkumar U B Assistant Professor MBA 9742701070 shamanth02@gmail.com