Kalpataru Innovation and Startup Policy

Kalpataru Innovation and Startup Policy (KISP) for Kalpataru Technology Business Incubator (KTBI) at Kalpataru Institute of Technology (KIT) is developed as per the guidelines of National Innovation & Startup Policy (NISP). KISP prepared to enable the KIT to actively involve Students, Faculties, Staff, Alumni and Public towards innovation and entrepreneurship for initiating Start-Ups.

Business Incubator (KTBI) framework will facilitate uniformity across KIT in terms of intellectual property ownership management, technology licensing and institutional startup policies, thereby enabling the creation of a robust innovation and startup ecosystem across KTBI. Innovation and entrepreneurship must become one of the focal points of today's education system with a focus on creating economic centers. To achieve these milestones, systems and mechanisms must be developed to transform the current demographic dividends into high-quality technical human resources that could eventually create centers for wealth creation through startups and entrepreneurship.

Kalpataru Institute of Technology is located in Tiptur which is near Bengaluru. Tiptur is rich in multiple natural resources and has wide opportunities in agricultural sector such as value-added products in the cultivation of coconuts, arecanuts, millets and other agricultural products. Kalpataru Institute of Technology is constantly working to connect with all the opportunities available in and around Tiptur by adopting new technologies in the curriculum, practices, creating awareness and training students to come up with new ideas to start their own business.

Kalpataru Innovation and Startup Policy Karnataka Startup Policy 2022-2027 National Innovation and Startup Policy- 2019

Institute Innovation Cell

KIT has established an Institute Innovation Cell was started with the objectives of integrating and synchronizing the outcomes of engineering and management students of KIT to promote Entrepreneurship and its promotion will evince grater interest among the students, alumni and unemployed youths to purse entrepreneurial career and support local industries. Starting from its inception, ED Cell has conducted workshops related to Entrepreneurship.

IIC to grow as a major hub for innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship in the valley, time and again, it has been felt that a state-of-the-art Incubation Centre is required to allow it to pursue its vision and mission.

Contact Details

Dr. Mitta Sekhara Gowd
Head-Incubation,Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell
Kalpataru Institute of Technology
Email: startup@kittiptur.ac.in
Mobile: +91-9916537999